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 Oh hi there!

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Squealing Fan : Level 1

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PostSubject: Oh hi there!   Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:48 pm

So I'm Gracie! I'm 14, but am very mature (and pessimistic) for my age. I love writing not only stories, but songs as well. I'm in a band called the Rude Mechanicals (named from the play A Midsummer Nights' Dream) as the singer. And I must say, the songs I write stink of Paramore and (sometimes) Tokio Hotel influence. I'm currently writing two stories, She's My Drug and Countdown along with developing the story and characters for a third, Sister Dear. I can be lazy and not update a story for a while, or I focus mainly on one story and dump the other two for a time. But don't worry, it'll get done. Not soon, but it will.
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Misa Sugar

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PostSubject: Re: Oh hi there!   Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:49 pm

Hey there, welcome to the team! Gang! House! Forum! Thing! Whatever we are... XD

I think you're the first one to bring in an OC to Parallel Worlds. Which is awesome, 'cause currently we have LOADS of Bills, a handful of Toms, and... no one else. XD

Feel free to start your own RP, and we'll jump in! (I know I will. XD And I'll try to keep CanniBill from trying to eat your charas, but no promises. He's already attacked several other RP characters. XD)

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Oh hi there!
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