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 Heylo... Ich heisse --

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Heylo... Ich heisse -- Empty
PostSubject: Heylo... Ich heisse --   Heylo... Ich heisse -- EmptyWed Mar 17, 2010 5:26 pm

hi. I'm ii_monkiiezofone BUT really I'm known feaylxjae89 on THF, P1nh3ad or Pinny on GAIA.

I write I'm not vary good at it, I fail miserably most of the time though i try. I haven't rp'd in a long time so I am rusty but just forgive me that fact.

I love to draw, and try to make some cool .gifs or banners i have made all of the banners for my stories. and i have edited pics as well. I can sit for hours just making on thing look even better than the last.

I'm shy but also once you get to know me i am one hyper person at the wonderful age of 20. I love almost everything foreign.

I hate going on about myself because it makes feel like i make everything about myself im just that unselfish unless your my little baby brother then I will be! XD

now i shall shut up. bye now.
*runs off to go do something productive*
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Heylo... Ich heisse --
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