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PostSubject: TsiBill   TsiBill EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 3:22 am

Character Name:Tsi

TsiBill 30j68w2

Full name: Wilhelm Shane Kaulitz

Nicknames: Kalona, Bill, Tsi [S-ah], Egahi

Race: Cardamoian

Orange: I have read and agree to the Rules.

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Eye Color: Ochre

Hair Color: Black

Tattoos: an Ensō on left side of neck, a collection of spirals on his left shoulder.

Height: 6 ft


Physical Description: Skinny... almost 'skin stretched over bone' skinny. His hair is long and normally kept straight, tied up with some sort of ribbon, or pushed back with a headband. He will occasionally wear make-up around his eyes, a Ochre color. His skin is a light tan, due to the fact that he does go out but not that often. He has a small birthmark on his left ankle; some would say it is shaped like a dove.

Personality: Tsi is very distant at times, a trait he acquired when others mocked him for what was believed to be his inability to specialize to an element, like most others. He can be warm-hearted and helpful to people he befriends or has known well previously. He also tries hard to be well-mannered, but, when deeply insulted, will become hot-headed and aggressive. He can't really stand to be in a fight though, and will try to find some logical way out of it. If it can't be avoided, he will lean towards his feelings.

Tsi's aether abilities sometimes affect his personality. Aether is another word for Spirit, which means Tsi hold the Spirit element. With this, he is basically connected to everything. The connection to everything can throw his mood off.

Secrets: He knows that Tom ordered the attack on his city.

Likes: Singing,
Being Helpful,
The Outdoors (even though he doesn't go outside a lot),
His Family.

Dislikes: Anything and anyone associated with the name Benjamin,
The Dark,
Being in the Way,
Loud Noise,
Small Spaces.

Hobbies: Reading, Singing.

Birthmother: Simone

Mother: Leon Kaulitz

Father: Jorg Kaulitz

Siblings: Ignacio Fredrick Daniel Kaulitz

Other Relations or Important People:
Benjamin Klein: The person who is the reason Tsi hates anything named or associated with the name Benjamin. This is the man who kept Tsi chained to the floor in a dark room, barely feed for three months. He also raped him many times.

Tomas Jarret Trumper: The son of King Gordon of Viridian, who found Tsi inside Benjamin's house, chained to the floor. He took Tsi home with him and away from Benjamin. Tom also helped Tsi discover that he did specialize, but to a specialization that was unheard of in Cardamon, Aether.

History/Background Information:
Tsi was born in Cardamon, a small, almost nonexistent town. His 'mother' Leon, died shortly when he was ten years old and since then, had only lived with his father Jorg, his little brother Ignacio or Iggy, and a maid named Dunja.

Along with four other people in Cardamon, Tsi was believed to have never specialized into an element like everyone else in the town. This was cause for constant insults and harmful pranks to be played on him and the others. Despite this, Jorg made his eldest son return to school daily for the remaining four years.

After his departure from schooling, Tsi basically stayed inside his home, alone as his father was at work and Iggy was at school. On occasion, he would venture into the backyard and spend time doing nothing but lay in the sun, something that made him feel at peace.

That was Tsi's life, and it was estimated that it would always be, until his brother's own graduation from secondary school at fourteen.

A raid came upon Cardamon, killing his brother and many others. Tsi was captured by General Benjamin Klein and pleaded for his life, which Klein agreed to all too quickly. The next three months of Tsi's life would be spent chained to the floor of a dark room in General Klein's home, barely being fed or cared for in the least. He would also be something of a sex slave for Klein.

Eventually, Tsi's Savior, Tomas Trumper or Tom, would come and rescue him from Klein's home. Tom had the feeling that something was wrong in the home where Klein lived, and almost stumbled upon Tsi hidden in a closet, had he not been called away by his father, who was present to approve a plan formed by Klein. A few weeks would pass until Tom would be given permission to visit Klein's home alone to retrieve something for his father while Klein was away. There Tom would see Tsi, once again chained to the floor.

Tom took Tsi home, and slowly, over months, would become Tsi's closest friend in Viridian. Tsi would also run into General Klein again, and accidentally cause a bout of insanity on the General brought about by the anger Tsi held at the man. This would be the hint that he actually had specialized, but to the element of Spirit, or Aether. This would lead to his marking, a tattoo that represented his element, an Ensō on the left side of his neck.

(In RP) Tsi managed to escape from Benjamin's home and chains and made his way back to Cardamon, only to find the city in ashes. He continued walking on...

Strengths: His caring nature and his specialization in Aether
Weaknesses: His inability to trust and his specialization in Aether.

About Me
Name/Alias: Selena/Schwarzestrella
Link to Your Fiction: Tsi-la-do-o-s-gi at THF
Age: 16
Roleplaying Experience: I started this year.. -.-'
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