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PostSubject: LadyBill   LadyBill EmptyTue Mar 16, 2010 1:33 am

Lady Bill Trumper Kaulitz
My cage has many rooms,
Damask and dark
Nothing there sings,
Not even my lark
Larks never will, you know,
When they're captive
Teach me to be more adaptive
Green finch and linnet bird,
Nightingale, blackbird,
Teach me how to sing
If I cannot fly,
Let me sing

Image to come.

Ich halt mich wach für Dich

    name: The Lady Bill Trumper Kaulitz
    nickname(s): Lady, LadyBill, Lady Kaulitz
    age: Twenty-two, we think.
    sexuality: Homosexual
    other: He is male, but fills the role of a woman, which is acceptable in his society.
    AU or non-AU: AU

Wir schaffens nicht beide

[list][b">height: 6'0"
body type: Thin and frail-looking
hair and eyes: Lady's hair is waist-length black and streaked with white from his 'disease', and his eyes are a soft, languid amber.
clothing style/overall appearance: Being from a period piece fic, Lady's clothing is very Victorian. His style ranges from the 1870's-1890's and is all what we would consider women's clothing. When entertaining, he often wears elaborate dresses, complete with corset and the necessary undergarments. But since he is often alone, much of his time is spent wrapped in his dressing gown, hair flowing loose. He's absolutely gorgeous and considered one of the most beautiful Bill characters, but it's a sickly sort of beauty. His skin is pale to the point of being nearly transparent and he has the look of being too thin to be healthy.

Du weisst es nicht

    likes: Tea, guests, calla lilies, hosting parties, singing, LordTom, going outside, SalvTom when he's not being a jerk, TIHBill
    dislikes: His disease, being kept inside, not getting to see his lilies, not having guests, people who lie to him, people who hurt him
    secrets: His 'disease' is actually cause by the stress of being locked inside all the time, but he doesn't know it. Ironically, he's kept locked inside because of the supposed disease, making it a vicious cycle that slowly weakens him over the years.
    mannerisms: Drinks a lot of tea and sings often. Obsesses over his calla lilies.
    personality: Lady is quiet and mild-mannered. He's very accommodating, always wanting to make his guests happy and loves being a hostess to company. He is deeply in love with LordTom (an ill-fated romance if ever there was one) but loneliness drives him to find other sources of comfort. While we would consider this cheating, in his society it's perfectly acceptable for him to take lovers outside of marriage, so long as they are discreet.

Ich geb mich jetzt für Dich auf

    mother: Unknown
    father: Unknown
    siblings: None
    other family: LordTom (husband) SalvTom (lover) TiHBill (lover)
    history: Lady was once sought after by many fine suitors, but he ended up falling for the Earl Tom Kaulitz. They married, but LordTom, as he is known among muses, was a jealous husband, to the point of obsession. Under the guise of protecting Lady, he forbade his lover to leave the grounds of the Kaulitz Estate, gradually shrinking the area Lady was allowed access. This caused Lady a great deal of stress, which took the form of fatigue and streaking white through his hair. Lord used this 'disease' as an excuse to confine Lady further, eventually to the point where he locked him away and faked Lady's death.

    Now, Lady lives as a 'ghost' in the manor, taken care of by a select few servants, while Lord has remarried. Lonely and desperate for affection, he has recently started taking other muses as lovers, which is apparently acceptable in his society.

Mein letzter Wille hilft Dir raus bevor das Meer unter mir

    this was made by MISERY. do not use without her express permission. lyrics are from Sacred/Heilig by Tokio Hotel.

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