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PostSubject: WGeorg   WinterGeorg EmptyWed Apr 14, 2010 7:44 am

Georg Moritz HagenListing-Kaulitz

I don’t, don’t care if it’s not right
To have your arms around me
I want, to feel what it’s like
Take all of you inside of me

WinterGeorg 2-Georg-Listing-tokio-hotel_thumb

Everyone Wants To Touch The Ring

    Given Name:
    Georg Moritz Hagen Listing-Kaulitz
    Nickname(s):  WGeorg, WinterGeorg, Hagen, WGeo, Geo, Hobbit
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Gay
    AU or Non-AU: AU
    gender   Male
    height   5'10
    weight   200
    hair color/style   straight brown hair that reaches a bit past his shoulders
    eye color  green
    makeup   None
    clothing style  Tends towards tight t-shirts that show off his muscles, jeans and perhaps a necklace
    Physical abilities/limitations:  [color=#DCDCDC] Muscular enough to manhandle people; can bench 165 pounds, more or less

No One Can Resist It

    [b]Socioeconomic class/standing:   Middle Class
    Religion:   Believes in the local superstition, Morana, to an extent
    Place of birth:   Elze, Germany
    Place and time of story:  [color=#DCDCDC] 2007, Small,outdated town near Elze, Germany

And They Let Themselves Be Seduced

     Parents' profiles 
    [b]Mother:   Maddy Listing (deceased), Camilla Kaulitz (step)
    Father:   Heinrich Schafer (deceased), Jorg Kaulitz (step) (deceased)
    socioeconomic level:   Middle Class (but ever reaching higher)
    religion:   Superstitious
    habits:   Likes expensive things; tends to focus on her appearance and the family's reputation overmuch
    quality of relationship with child(ren):  Refers to Gustav as the Baby, treats Georg as her own son and hates Tom

Because The Ring Is Beautiful

     Gustav Schaefer-Kaulitz
    [b]socioeconomic level:   Middle Class (and fine with that)
    religion:   None
    habits:   complete Momma's boy; likes to eat junk food, but in general is nice
    quality of relationship:   Georg's secret lover, doesn't get along well with Tom
    living/deceased:   living
    Family structure/life:   Younger than Georg by a year, older than Tom by a year

     Tom Kaulitz
    [b]socioeconomic level:   Middle Class
    religion:   None
    habits:   Likes to play guitar; has too many chores to do for anything else
    quality of relationship:   didn't get along well, but Georg has been nicer to him lately
    living/deceased:   Unknown
    Family structure/life:   Younger than Georg by two years

Take The Ring Off Your Finger

    [b]Fears/phobias:   Being taken from Gustav, scorpions
    Favorite Food/Drink:  Pasta/Milk
    Most Hated Food/Drink:  Brussel Sprouts/Green Tea
    Education or important learning experiences:   A few months from Graduating Gymnasium
    Most hated activities:   Chores
    Most enjoyed activities:    Going to the park with Gustav to watch the sunset
    Deepest secret or wildest fantasy:   He's in an incestuous relationship with his half-brother Gustav; he has a tiny crush on BDTom, whom he's using to take suspicion off of him and Gustav

Because I Want The Ring Back

    Life & Lifestyle 
    [b]Closest friend(s):    BDTom, WGustav
    Job/career/occupation:    Student
    Noted accomplishments:   Can play guitar
    Famous/infamous?    Neither
    Favorite music or group/favorite TV shows or films:   Oasis & Fallout Boy
    Hobbies:   Being with Gustav, playing guitar, weight lifting, hanging out with BDTom
    History:  WGeorg was born of an affair between Heinrich Schaefer and Maddy Listing. Camilla, being jealous of her first husband's affair, had Gustav a year after. After his mother died, Camilla took in five-year-old Georg and raised him as her own. After her divorce and second marriage to Jorg Kaulitz, Georg began to have a real father figure in his life. Around his early teenage years, he noticed that he felt attracted to Gustav. They eventually began an illicit relationship together.

    His stepbrother Tom, Jorg's son, came to live with them upon his mother's death. Camilla immediately hated him, reminded that her husband was not always hers. She saw him as a punk, and tried him unfairly. Georg, not even noticing, took the same stance, as did Gustav. Jorg didn't care. After Jorg died, however, Camilla began piling more chores on Tom and being even more unfair.

    One day, Georg came home to find his youngest brother out in the snow, beginning to get hypothermia because he couldn't get into the house; the key under the mat had frozen to the ground. After that, he began to realize that things were not right in his household, and took an active role in trying to help Tom and be nicer to him. When Tom found out about him and Gustav, Georg bribed his silence with a new coat, and gave him 80 Euro. The next day, Camilla left Tom out in the cold to fend for himself. Tormented, Georg went out to find him, but due to a blizzard, had no luck.

    Recently, he has befriended BDTom, a muse that bears a resemblance to his lost stepbrother, and someone whom has lost his lover (who closely resembles Georg) as well. He has been trying his best to knock BDTom from his depression ever since.

    When meeting Lyric, Axel and AnaBill, he found them nice and wanted to be friends with them. However, he soon found them all to be cannibals (AnaBill lied about his being one), and due to his morals, could not be friends with them. The exception is Axel, whom he feels is okay, as long as he's not a cannibal.

    He has always used popularity and a good reputation to protect the shy, nerdy Gustav, and wishes to do the same in this new place, as well. He intends to build an inner circle of friends he can trust; however, he is quickly finding that nobody wants to be in his 'inner circle' and there's even fewer people he can trust.

It Is My Precious

    About You 
    Your name/alias:  Annalas
    Link To Your Fiction:  Winter's Son; Winter of Our Discontent
    Is It Co-Authored:  NO
    Role-playing Experience:  3 Years
    Age: 20
    Anything Else: Nope ^^

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