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 Ginny Saunders

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PostSubject: Re: Ginny Saunders   Ginny Saunders EmptyWed May 12, 2010 4:39 pm

Ginny Saunders

Ginny Saunders Ginny_11

Name: Ginny Saunders
Nickname: Gin
Species: Human
Age: 23 [Born April 19, 2005]
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
AU or non-AU: AU

Height: 71 inches
Weight: 135
Build: Slim
Hair Style: Straight, Ash blonde.
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Skin colour: White
Piercings: Ears x 1
Typical Dress: Varies depending on her mission. She generally wears dark clothing and aims for comfort, but the ability to remain well-equipped [guns, knives, etc.] is vital.

Personality: Since she was a teenager, Ginny was training herself to turn off her emotions. By age eighteen, she was out on the bad streets of Germany where she learned to kill or be killed. During that time, she became so good at turning off her feelings that she had permanently dulled down her emotions almost completely.

Ginny is strong and confident and aims to intimidate anyone that could be a threat to her. She often sets standards that are too high for herself and those around her, but she will do anything necessary to achieve them. She’s very impatient and has a tendency to kill useless people who get on her nerves. She’s very controlling and is very rarely contented.

Current residence: Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Rank/Job: Assassin/Murderer
Siblings: Older brother, Older sister [Deceased, Murder]
Mother: [Deceased, Childbirth]
Father: [Deceased, Murder]

Phobias: Denies having any phobia.
Likes: Guns
People who listen
People who know their place
Bossing people around
(well-behaved) Children (as long as they're not hers)

Dislikes: Sex
The United States
Stupid people
Messy people
Bill Kaulitz.

Smoker? Yes.
Drug Use: Rare.
Virgin: Definitely not.

History: Ginny’s mother died in the year 2005 during child birth with her. Her father was constantly working to support her, her 4 years older sister, and 6 years older brother. After moving to Rochester, New York she befriended a boy named Bill Kaulitz and they had been inseparable. She suffered through torment from her family, especially being blamed for the death of their mother, while her Bill had helped her through it all. At age eighteen he had proposed to her after they had been dating for three years. She declined, telling him that she was never in love with him. After high school graduation, she scored two tickets to Germany and snapped and killed her family. She fled to Germany and took Lena, her best friend of four years, with her. They were living on the streets of busy Berlin when they first heard about the Underground. The Underground were groups of assassins all over Germany. Ginny was interested, but in the best interest of Lena, they moved out of Berlin and made their way around the streets of the country. They found their way to Saxony-Anhalt, and they met a woman named who took them in off the streets. Ginny would leave home from time to time, to whore herself out to pay rent ... and to find more information about the Underground. She began meeting people who held information about the Underground and were easily influenced by her, if not, her sex. She collected information and she began to round up men who were interested in starting an Underground team. After making several kills and collecting a bit of money, she acquired a home where she moved with Lena and the team she had created.

Link to Your Fiction: N/a, WIP, but it’s called The Underground

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Ginny Saunders
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