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PostSubject: ReflexionBill   ReflexionBill EmptyTue Jun 29, 2010 2:57 pm

Mirror in the bathroom
please talk free
The door is locked
just you and me.

ReflexionBill 12194974_album_2403104003_5612

Just a thousand reflections
of my own sweet self, self, self...

Mirror in the bathroom

    Given Name:
    Bill Kaulitz
    Nickname(s):  ReflexionBill, Billa (only to his Tom), Avenger
    Age: 15
    Sexuality: Who Cares?
    AU or Non-AU:AU
    Other: Trapped in a mirror unless he switches places with someone
    gender   male
    height   6'
    weight   Slender
    hair color/style  Messy spikes on top, long on the bottom (Rette Mich style)
    eye color  Brown
    makeup  messy black
    clothing style  tight tees, chokers and black leather
    Physical abilities/limitations:  trapped in a mirror

Mirror in the bathroom

For all my crimes
of self defense.

    Socioeconomic class/standing:   middle class; suburbs
    Religion:  none
    Place of birth:   Germany
    Place and time of story:   Germany, modern day

UCures you whisper
make no sense

Drift gently into
mental illness.

     Parents' profiles 
    Mother:   Simone Kaulitz
    Father:  Jorg Kaulitz
    socioeconomic level:  middle class suburbs
    religion:  Christian
    habits:  Forbidding him access to mirrors
    quality of relationship with child(ren):  tense

Can I take you to a restaurant
that's got glass tables

You can watch yourself
while you are eating.

    socioeconomic level:  Middle class suburbs
    religion:  none
    habits:  talking to Bill in the mirrors
    quality of relationship:  Great. Bill considers himself Tom's protector
    living/deceased:  living in another world
    Family structure/life:  twins

Mirror in the bathroom
please talk free

    Fears/phobias:   Being torn from Tom, shattered mirrors
    Favorite Food/Drink: Skittles/Red Bull
    Most Hated Food/Drink: Coffee/collar greens
    Education or important learning experiences:  High school
    Most hated activities:  School
    Most enjoyed activities:   Avenging Tom
    Deepest secret or wildest fantasy:   Tom appreciating the vengeance; being in the same world as Tom

The door is locked
just you and me.

    Life & Lifestyle 
    Closest friend(s):   ReflexionTom
    Job/career/occupation:   Student
    Noted accomplishments:   Killing bullies
    Famous/infamous?   Neither
    Favorite music or group/favorite TV shows or films:   Three Days Grace
    Hobbies:   Avenging Tom
    History:  As long as Bill's been alive, his other half Tom has been on the other side of the mirror. He's watched as his own reflection was terrorized as a child, darkness slowly seeping into his soul. He loves Tom, though can never be with him, in fear of unbalancing the world. Instead, he convinces Tom that he found a way for them to be together. Instead, he switches places with his twin, set on exacting revenge on everyone that's ever hurt the one he loved.

Every Saturday you see me
window shopping.

Find no interest in the
racks and shelves

    About You 
    Your name/alias: Annalas
    Link To Your Fiction:  Reflexion (not yet posted)
    Is It Co-Authored: No
    Role-playing Experience: *shrugs*
    Age: 20
    Anything Else:  ;D

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