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PostSubject: SalvTom   SalvTom EmptyTue Jun 29, 2010 1:56 pm

(Salvation) Tom Kaulitz
Stone age love and strange sounds too,
Come on baby let me get to you.
Bad nights causin' teenage blues,
Get down ladies you've got nothing to lose!

SalvTom 6fvxav

I order you, you, you
You better m-m-mind

    Name: (Salvation) Tom Kaulitz
    Nickname(s): SalvTom, Tomi (only to a select few), "Fucker", "YOU! GET AWAY FROM MY WIFE!", & "Please no…please…"
    Age: 20
    Sexuality: Bi
    other: Sex-addict, Abuses SalvGeo
    AU or non-AU: Non-AU

Pain turns to pleasure fast
Relax, while I pound your @$$

    height: 6'1
    Body type: normally muscular; he works out
    Hair and eyes: dirty blonde dreads black cornrows; russet eyes
    clothing style: gangster-style, oversized clothes; has a lip ring
    *overall appearance: He looks like your typical gangster, complete with an off-putting expression that screams 'Leave me the fuck alone', though the expression softens around Lady and his few friends.

Gaze down, it's time to be my dog
I'll push, to get you in that fog

    Likes: AnaBill, Lady, being left alone, sex, blowjobs, playing guitar, guitar, fucking, handjobs, rough sex, the color red, VerbTom, beating up on SalvGeo
    dislikes: tea, BuTheSavior, any Bushido in general, weak people, complaints, being weak, A LOT of stuff, not having friends
    secrets: He uses SalvGeo as his punching bag; he secretly lusts after his own brother
    mannerisms: Quick to anger and jealousy; slightly abusive; is a sex addict once again; selfish; generally an okay guy around his friends
    Personality:SalvTom is generally cautious about everything, now. Where he once hated everyone and everything except his brother, he now has expanded his horizons and built up his list of friends. He generally tries to help, thanks to Lady's influence, but can at times be extremely selfish, especially when it comes to his twin. In general, he does extremely stupid things with pretty good intentions.

Oh, look good in latex
Get off having rough sex

    mother: Simone Trumper
    father: Jorg Kaulitz; Gordon Trumper (step)
    siblings: AnaBill
    other family: Lady (girl/boyfriend? Confusing titles ftw); VerbTom (best friend)
    History: It began, of course, with SalvTom abusing SalvGeo, and rather badly, and having a groupie in his bed every night.

    When SalvTom met Lady, he continued having affairs with numerous people; Lady was added to the list.

    Eventually, SalvTom broke down, confiding to Lady that he only wanted to make AnaBill happy, and punished SalvGeo because he couldn't. Lady suggested that SalvTom be kinder to SalvGeo and appreciate his friendship. While SalvTom refused to be nicer to SalvGeo, he did manage to get his temper under control, thus gaining a few close friends, namely VerbTom.
    Recently, SalvTom began to lower his number of conquests as he got closer to Lady, at last beginning a timid relationship.

You are my fetish
You are my fetish

    Name/alias: Annalas
    link to your fiction: Salvation (Note: SalvTom abuses AnaBill in the fic, NOT SalvGeo)
    is it co-authored: xxcutxxopenxx

Lyrics copyright of Joan Jett "Fetish"

SalvTom 2ir6yxj
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