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Squealing Fan : Level 2

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PostSubject: BDTom   BDTom EmptyFri Apr 23, 2010 12:51 pm

Like a lot of us, I also have a ton of characters. They'll all go here. : )

Tom Kaulitz

BDTom Image-11

Name: Tom Kaulitz
Nickname: BDTom
Species: Human
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
AU or non-AU: Non-AU

Height: 6'
Weight: 115
Build: Slim
Hair Style: Black cornrows
Eyes: Brown
Skin colour: White, tanned
Piercings: Lip and gauged ears
Typical Dress: Mostly dark, oversized clothing

Personality: An egotistical player on outside, Tom's nothing more than a lover on the inside. An overly sexual lover, but a lover nonetheless. He has pure passion for the music he makes with his brother and friends and would do anything to protect his friends, family, and dogs. He's calm and tries to never get angry, though it's hard to annoy him if you're anyone but his twin. Throughout his relationship with Georg, he played the female role.

After Georg dies, Tom becomes increasingly impersonable. He mainly tries to stay in bed, and is cautious of people and things. He's lost sight of who he was. He spends all of his time thinking, mostly blaming himself for things that went wrong the night that Georg died. He hates talking about himself at all. He's very weary of new people, afraid that he might hurt them, too. Tired of his family and friends always nagging at him about how this is not what Georg would have wanted, he's trying to change himself for the better and start to move on.

Current residence: Hamburg, Germany
Rank/Job: Retired from Tokio Hotel
Siblings: Bill Kaulitz
Mother: Simone Trümper
Father: Gordon Trümper

Mental Disorders: Depression
Phobias: Cars, car accidents, driving, being in a car.
Likes: Cigarettes, Tokio Hotel, Georg, guitar, his friends, Georg, staying in bed all day, sleeping, Georg
Dislikes: cars, driving, ice skating, eating, being without Georg, dreaming, remembering
Smoker? Yes
Drug Use: Occasional
Virgin: No
Past Partners of Significance: Georg Listing (deceased)

History: Thrust into the spotlight with his brother and two friends as Tokio Hotel, at just fifteen, Tom Kaulitz is living the dream. A year after Durch den Monsun, Tom finds a note in his guitar case from Georg. "I love you" was all that was printed on the paper. Tom recognized the hand writing and for once acknowledged his feelings for his friend and wrote back, "I love you too."

The note was passed between them for the four year span of their relationship. Two years in, Georg asked Tom to marry him and Tom accepted. Three days before their Welcome to Humanoid City tour, Tom insists on taking Georg out to go ice skating. While driving to the rink, they get in a terrible car accident in which Georg is killed.

After Georg's death, Tom stops eating and taking care of himself, becoming impossibly depressed and never leaves his room. He hates talking and leaving his bed their bed.

About Me:
Name/Alias: Alex/Andi
Link to Your Fiction: Billet-doux, Happy Birthday [Sequel]
Age: 15
Roleplaying Experience: Very little in the past 5 years.
Other: Sorry for not making a pretty character profile with lyrics and colors and everything. ;-)
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